Lithium 12v Battery Trolling Motors Boat Marine (Minn Kota)



Green Energy Limited has a range of Lithium Batteries especially designed for Electric Trolling Motors Boat Marine (Minn Kota)

Key Feature:

  • Lightweight (4KG – 10KG)
  • Fast Charging (1 – 5 hours)
  • BMS
  • Battery Level indicator
  • Removable
  • Easy to Install
  • Long Life
  • Compact
  • Optional Bluetooth Battery Monitoring App
  1. 12v 40AH GREEN MARINE LITHIUM  = 12v 80AH AGM
  2. 12v 60AH GREEN MARINE LITHIUM  = 12v 1200AH AGM
  3. 12v 80AH GREEN MARINE LITHIUM  = 12v 160AH AGM
  4. 12v 100AH GREEN MARINE LITHIUM  = 12v 200AH AGM
  5. 12v 120 AH GREEN MARINE LITHIUM  = 12v 2400AH AGM

Bass Lithium Battery


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