OFF Grid Solar Battery Backpack

The GEL-2000-26 is designed for humanitarian deployment. This includes

  • Refugee Renewable Energy Generator
  • Medical Clinics
  • Vaccines and Immunisation Transportation and Logistics
  • Refugee Water Supply Services
  • Disaster Management and Disaster Response
  • Security Street Lighting
  • Construction and Recovery Services
  • Military
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  1. MPPT controller, inverter,and lithium battery 
  2. MPPT 5.18V, 20A
  3. Battery Capacity: 51.8V, 50AH
  4. Output Power: 2000W; Peak Power: 4000W
  5. 6 x 100 Watt foldable waterproof solar panel
  6. Charged by AC adaptor 51.8V/10A & Solar
  7. AC Output: 2* 220V 10A, 50Hz/60Hz, pure sine wave
  8. DC Output: 4*USB ( 5v, 1a; 5v/2a); 3 * DC12v, 10a*
  9. DC switch & AC switch on / off
  10. IP65 water and dust proof
  11. Backpack design
  12. Built-in LED light


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