Portable Off Grid Solar System LIFE PO4 Lithium Battery

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Key Features: 

1.Highly integrated multi-function energy storage system.
2.Integrated with charging & discharging, inverter, energy storage functions.
3.Strong energy inputs with solar input, DC 12V input, and AC 220V/110V input.
4.Good load abilities with AC load (220v/110v) and USB QC3.0, TYPE-C, DC12V15V20V.
5.Solar panels can be 200W ~ 4000W.
6.LiFePO4 battery-based with 1200 cycles.
7.600WH 1000wH 2000WH 3000WH 4000WH 5000WH 10KWH available.
8.Perfect for residential/commercial energy storage power station, inhouse/outdoor living & operations.
9.Save your family electricity bills with solar energy.
10.Green, quiet, energetic.
11.CE RoHS certified.