Shelters Emergency Disaster Releif



Green Energy Limited designs and manufacture a range of lightweight, d and flat- packed modular shelter systems. Our range includes:

  • Emergency Steel Framed Shelters with Fire-resistant PVC Covers. Optional Thermal PVC
  • Emergency Steel Framed Shelters with Fire-resistant Insulated Sandwich Panels
  • Optional Electrical modular wiring and lighting system plug and play with circuit breaker protection.
  • Tents and specialised tents such as thermal protectionsIn addition Green Energy Limited can customise or design shelter solutions for a wide variety of climates and specified shelter requirements. This includes
    • Extreme weather conditions from cyclonic, super typhoons, hurricanes and earthquakes.
    • Climates such as cold, humid, hot, dry and corrosive.
    • Flood areas.
    • Decentralised construction projects.
    • Centralised construction projects.
    • Informal and temporary shelter projects.
    • Supply of Off Grid Renewable Energy.
    • Safe electrical wiring systems
    • Supply of lighting systems.
    • Solar hot water systems
    • Sewage treatment systems.
    • Educational facilities.
    • Security monitoring systems.


Emergency Steel Framed Shelters with Fire-resistant PVC Cover.

Options : Thermal PVC lining, insulated adjustable height floor, modular wiring and lighting systems and Solar Off Grid electricity with Lithium Battery Storage

The Emergency Steel Framed Shelters with Fire-resistant PVC Cover shelter is ideal for refugees and displaced vulnerable people. The shelter is supplied with preformed individual components, that can be prefabricated before delivery or delivered flatpack. This removes the need to understand complex house plans in foreign languages. Assembly is easy with colour and digit coded connection points, requires no cutting or measuring, no modified designs and in d form be assembled in 40 minutes x 2 people 32 bolts.

In addition the design has an adjustable flooring systems. Allowing the shelter floor to be lifted a maximum of 1200mm above ground making it an excellent shelter solution in areas that flood.

The steel frame shelter design is also modular and can be increased in size to suit any application. The steel frame can be dismantled and stored for future shelter use or configured into permanent structures.

For increased safety the steel frame shelter is fitted with internal wiring holes. This allows for the Green Energy Limited modular wiring system to be installed and reduces the risk of fire from DIY wiring. The modular wiring system comes with LED lights, power outlets and circuit breakers which are all plug and play requiring no joining of wires or electricians.