Green Energy Limited Portable Power Stations


Green Energy Limited Portable Power Stations

Green Energy limited offer a range of portable power stations for all your AC and DC power requirements. All Green Energy Limiteds portable power stations include our lithium storage batteries. Our systems are designed to be light weight, long lasting and powerful.

Key Features

  • AC and DC Outputs or DC only outputs
  • 1KW Inverter peak 2KW output
  • In built Lithium Batteries
  • Bluetooth battery monitoring
  • BMS (battery management system)
  • LDC Display
  • Inbuilt Jumper Starter to car break downs
  • Multi input charging including car charging, Solar, Wind Turbine , AC grid and AC Generator charging.
  • All charging inputs can charge at the same time
  • AC 220v output
  • DC 12v and 5v USB output
  • Battery Cutoff safety switch
  • 50Amp Anderson Plug connection.


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